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Shirley Law

Shirley Law

Travel Specialist

(Based in Hong Kong)

“Travelling allows you to become so many different versions of yourself.”

Travel makes me feel alive! After more than a decade in the travel industry, I am blessed to have gone on countless travels.

Whenever I recalled the numerous stunning natural scenery I have visited – the vast lake view, snow-capped mountain, the autumn foliage and prolific wildlife, as well as the connection I made with the locals, I couldn’t help but feel emotional and the close connection that one have with nature touched me deeply. This is my driving force to continue my career as a Travel Specialist, to bring the joy of travel to each guest and share “earth” with them.

One of my favourite cities is Prague, an adorable city surrounded by colourful baroque buildings, transporting me back to the Middle Ages. India is also an incredible country, controlled by numerous kingdoms in different regions for thousand of years, each castle having its own story and the smiling faces of the Indians in sometimes seemingly poor conditions push me to rethink that maybe simple life is the happiness.

Because every guest is different, I have had the pleasure of patiently listening and understanding their travel preference and designing the trips, all different and unique for my guests – be it focusing on a relaxing luxurious gateway, chasing the wildlife or a historical and architectural tour.

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